6 Exercises For A Better Butt

Bums, glutes, backsides whatever you want to call them I love them. I’ve written before (here and here) about glutes and how to improve them. I’ve written about myself as well as clients. I love glutes. And yet so many people still think the best way to get strong glutes is to squat. While I’m not harping on heavy squats (we all know I freaking love them!) the best glute builders they are not. Too lazy to read? Watch the video!

The thing is, the glutes respond well to high volume but they also respond well to variety. So hitting them 4-6 times per week and varying your training (heavy low rep, moderate weight and reps or low weight high volume) is the best bang for your buck.

But if you’re not squatting to grow glutes what should you be doing?? Check out the exercises below!


Hip Thrust

I could go on about the hip thrust forever but I won’t If you need more science and explanation as to why the hip thrust is the king of all glute builders, check out Bret Contreras . Hip thrusts can be done with all sorts of weighted loads but make sure you’re really locking out in hip hyperextension to get the biggest bang for your buck. Using your low back to get higher won’t result in better glutes.


Glute Bridge

There’s a few different ways to glute bridge: feet elevated, banded, single leg, with a barbell etc and I love them all. Pick your favorite and get to work. Again, ensuring you actually contract the glutes to lift and not just arch your back and go through the motion.


Sumo Walks

Some days I think these will be the death or me. But since your glutes have more functions than just hip extension (they also abduction the leg & externally rotate the hip) sumo walks are great. When done properly your outer hip will be on fire.


Reverse Hyper extensions

I’ve done a lot of glute work in my day but reverse hypers make me feel the bottom of my glutes like no other. Specifically right above the hamstring insertion. Some people call this the “glute ham tie in” but that’s not an actual muscle so please don’t. Regardless, this exercise works the lower part of the glute max and it works well.

Seated Banded Abductions

You can perform these with multiple torso placements (upright, leaning back or hinging forward) and each on hits your glutes in a slightly new area – so make use of them all!

Quadruped Hip Extensions

This one is a tricky one for many people to get right, but when you do it works like a charm. If you can control your low back through the movement you’ll feel your glute max start to burn. Spend some time playing and tweaking this exercise until it feels just right.


Are you a visual learner? Check out the video here.

That’s it! A few of my favorite glute exercises! There’s lots more but those ones will give you a good start. And hey, if you’re looking to learn more about the glutes, check out my mini series How To Build A Better Butt.