5 Moves Every Poler Should Know

Back when I started pole dancing, there weren’t a whole lot of “moves”. If you could do a hip hold, you were pretty bad ass.  But now-a-days the amount of moves in the pole world is insane. And what’s worse, people are learning so sporadically and without any progressive instruction it’s horrifying (but I guess that’s a rant for another day… oh wait, I’ve already had this rant!). Too lazy to read? Check out the video here!

Without any semblance of a path, people are trying new tricks left right and center without ever having learned and truly mastered the basics. It breaks my heart. Actually, it makes my eye twitch, but I digress.

Below are five moves that every and all polers should know, but most importantly downright effing MASTER before getting into the big shit. Reverse elbow holds and funny grips are great.. until you don’t know how to get out of them and then it’s not so great.

Check out the list. Practice them. Master them. And don’t settle for performing them just okay. Nail the shit out of these moves.


Outside & Inside leg hangs

I am so passionate about this I wrote a whole blog for it!

I don’t care what you call them. Gemini/scorpio/leg hangs. Just master them. On both sides.  Practice them so much that they are second nature to you. That your skin is so immune to their pain you don’t even register you’re in them. Because when you’re bailing out of a move, or your grip slips or your outright falling, these leg hangs save your freaking face. If you can’t dominate your leg hangs then you’re going to have a lot of trouble dismounting from complex moves. Don’t cheat these. Don’t settle with them being ok. Effing smash them.


Tilted Seat

I never thought that this would make the list. But I have had way to many clients come to me practising ayesha’s and they can’t hold a tilted seat because “it hurts too much”. Suck that shit up. Tilted seats transition into wrist seats, planks, hello boys, dancer dips and oh so much more. If you think that hurts, what are you going to do when you are upside down and you come into an inner thigh hurt? You’ll bail and you may not bail safely. Master this.


Boomerang Spin

Learning your boomerang spin or simply the boomerang hold is a necessity. It’s your first real transition into anything bracket related. If you’re having pain in your elbow/wrist/shoulder from this spin and you ignore it, bad things will come. Perfect the technique of your boomerang before you get upside down. Failure to do so will result in injury. I promise. Remember to always be pushing and pulling and not just hanging. Like I said, your boomerang is like your “baby bracket” so if it doesn’t feel one hundred percent solid, fix, tweak, practice and get strong until it does.


Basic Extended Climb

The first time you do this it will be hard. I know this. However, you’ve got to learn to push and pull. It’s a necessity in pole dancing. If you can’t climb, you can’t pull. And if you can’t pull your inverts will look like shit and you’ll halfass your way into everything. Take the time to perfect climbing, make it feel easy and comfortable before getting upside down.



Oh god I feel like I could rant about this forever but I’ll keep it short. If your boomerang feels good and your have smashed the shit out of your outside leg hangs you may finally be ready for butterfly. Butterfly is the gateway to all other bracket holds – not the other way around. You don’t learn to ayesha before a butterfly.  You don’t learn elbow grips or forearm hold or handsprings. You. Just. Don’t. Master the butterfly, really understand it’s mechanics and the way your hips need to leave the pole to secure it before moving on to any fancy leg crap. Just do it.


Looking for a video demo? Click here.

There you are, five moves all polers should know before they “get fancy”. If you’re going to completely ignore all proper progressions, at least follow those five. And be good at them. While pole dancing is slowly becoming “cool (yay!) people are forgetting that it can get dangerous. So many injuries are due to the simple fact that it’s too much too soon. Don’t be an idiot and work your way up safely.

Happy poling ๐Ÿ™‚