4 Tips To Increase Workout Volume Without Altering Your Split

If you’re a follower of mine you’ll know that I love working out. Truly. But lately, I’ve been slacking. On a normal schedule I like to work out with three intense lifting sessions, two intense pole sessions and one quick cardio type workout each week. It’s what I’ve done for a while now and it works well for me.

Until it didn’t.

All of a sudden life became busy and I dropped a workout (the cardio one obviously :P). And while I have personally been enjoying myself immensely my body is just ever so different. Because of course, while I took away a workout I have not altered my nutrition… in the least. Which is okay. I still love the way my body looks but I also enjoy being ever so slightly leaner.

The issue however, is that I still don’t have time for that workout. Sure, I could make time for it. But I already make time five days a week and I feel that’s enough.

Does this sound familiar?

And so here we are. This blog is for all of you looking to increase your workout/activity volume to induce or maintain results without actually having to add in a scheduled workout. Below, I am going to give you a few of my tips that have been helping me out these last few weeks.


Tip#1 Walk
Sounds dumb right. But walking is a great way to add in some additional activity. Instead of rushing around everywhere try walking/biking to run an errand or two. Perfect if you have little ones as it totally counts as quality time while I babble to my one year old about things she sees ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had to take my daughter to playgroup last week but realized my hubby had the car seat. Instead of sulking, I walked it. It was an hour and fifteen minutes round trip that mainly included pushing a stroller up hill. Did I sweat? Yup. Does it count? Of course.


Tip#2 Add Sets
One of the simplest ways to add in some workout volume is to change your already scheduled workouts. Adding in additional set or a few repetitions to all your workout days adds up. The extra two minutes it will take to complete the set won’t really affect your day so it’s a win-win situation.


Tip#2 Add Workout Finishers
Finishers are a sure fire way to add volume, work up a sweat and challenge your body at the end of a workout. My advice is to make sure the finisher is an intense once and not just a few leg curls.

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Tip#4 Do Random Shit
Do random shit. Honestly I wish I was kidding but this is the easiest way to increase your workout volume. this can be as simple as play with kids or going on a family hike but for me I literally mean random.

The other day I was playing outside with my daughter, it was snack time so while she had her snack I rocked out a 10 x 10 of burpees for a total of 100 (normally I wouldn’t say go do burpees but this stems from an oh so long ago challenge I was thinking of and decided to give it a go). It took me 7.5 minutes. That’s it. I got a nice cardio hit, Zo ate her snack and we went back to playing.


Doing random things on commercials works too. Instead of just sitting on the couch, bust out some glute bridges, planks, high knees. Honestly whatever the hell you can come up with. Like I said, it’s random and you may feel like an idiot but anything that gets your heart rate up and your muscles working will help. Ten minute intervals of random activity each day adds up. And thus, so will your workout volume. You don’t need a program, or guidelines, just do sporadic things.

So if you’re struggling with volume but can’t add in the extra workout day, give a few of these tips a try. I know they’re a bit odd and doing them will totally make you “one of those people” but it will also help out your results.

Happy Training ๐Ÿ™‚