4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is slowly making its way up as a popular exercise. And rightly so. The hip thrust is an absolutely phenomenal exercises. And perhaps you’ve seen it done. A person laying with their back on a bench and a barbell in their lap.

Personally, I think it looks badass.

But out of all the cool exercises to chose from (squats, deadlifts, lunges) why in the world would you throw in hip thrusts? Because they kick ass, and here’s why:


Hip Thrusts Help You Build Better Glutes

In plain terms, they make your butt look better. Weighted hip thrusts allow the hip flexors to come into hyperextension which is a very underused component of the glutes. Training them with weight helps hypertrophy the muscles and makes them look better. And who doesn’t want a better looking backside? I’ve written a few times about glutes here and here and even have a mini series and developing your glutes to look better!)


Hip Thrusts Make You Stronger

Rarely in lifting do we work in the horizontal plane and thus this particular exercise makes for a unique stimulus on the glutes. Because your back is supported it’s fairly easy to work your way up through the weight and develop a strong set of glutes,


Hip Thrusts Help Improve Your Posture

As previously stated, thrusts make your glutes strong. Strong glutes means better posture and less back pain. Due to our daily lives we tend to have very under activated and weak glutes. Growing them and making them strong helps pull your pelvis back into place and takes tension of your back from crappy posture (read more about that here).


Hip Thrusts Improve Your Sprints

A major muscle used in sprinting or hill sprinting is the glutes. Thus, your posterior chain needs to be strong. As I already mentioned, we rarely train glutes heavily in a horizontal plane but doing so helps improve their strength and thus your running capabilities.


Personally, I think everyone should thrust – heavy or light. I firmly believe the hip thrust is slowly gaining speed as one of the top four exercises in your arsenal and I’m pretty excited. Once I learned to properly hip thrust my glutes and my clients glutes both changed shape due to finally hitting hyperextension and they got decently strong. You can check out my 200lbs thrust here.

So there you have it, four reasons everyone should thrust. Though I’m pretty vain so I would have been sold after the first one ๐Ÿ˜‰