3 Ab Exercises Every Poler Should Do

Abs. Everyone wants them but not many people train them to be functional. Sure, you can hypertrophy your rectus abdominis and possibly get lean enough to show off your abs. But, what do they do. Instead of aiming for the ultimate six pack, aim to improve the abdominals strength and overall function with the rest of the core. Thus, improving your pole skills. Too lazy to read? Watch the video here!

Far too often I see people performing endless incline sit ups, planks and mountain climbers to slaughter their mid section. But when it comes to pole dancing, rarely are you using just your abs or hip flexors. If you focus on becoming stronger as a whole you’ll be able to improve your skills faster.

Below are three exercises every poler looking for stronger abs should do. They will probably not get you ripped (sorry!) but most exercises won’t. Instead, they will help you become stronger and more functional on the pole. Check them out below.


Plank Walkouts or Ab Rollouts

Both exercises are similar but it depends on what equipment you have access to. No equipment? Then rock some walkouts! This exercise is genius to pole because it mimics it so perfectly. We’re constantly in a position without arms away from our body asking it to perform. Thus, becoming stronger in this position in a controlled environment (on the floor) will help you on the pole.

Learn to use your glutes as well as your anterior core to help stabilize you and slowly progress deeper and deeper without your low back caving. Workout your way up to three sets of eight to ten reps or three sets of five reps with complete range.


Hollow Body Holds & Rocks

Coming into and maintaining a pelvic tilt/hollow body position helps nail tricks like dragon fly’s, deadlifts and handstands. Which is why this exercise has been used in gymnastics for years. Master the position and you’ll see your pole skills improve.

Make sure you’re truly in the position and not just going through the motion. Work your way up to a twenty to thirty second hold for two sets.


Parlof Press

I personally adore this exercise but most people butcher it and feel nothing. Part of the cores responsibility is to prevent rotation under pressure and this trains exactly that. Getting your obliques and glutes to fire when needed and training your body to remain in position despire force (like gravity) transfers to pole every single time you invert. Parlof presses (which can be done a variety of ways) helps improve bracket holds, iron x, butterflys, elbow and forearm lifts and more. Use a cable or a band and aim for 8-15 repetitions for two sets depending on goals (strength/endurance etc)



So there you are. Three ab exercises that have nothing to do with crunches but will help improve your pole skills and core functionality insanely. Give them a try, work them into your program and rock them!

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